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The CSA Technology Information web page is a gateway to materials designed to aid archaeologists and architectural historians when considering computer technologies, especially CAD and database management systems.

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Many documents were created for CSA's digital archiving efforts. Those archival efforts have all been discontinued, but the documents concerning archival needs and procedures remain valuable. They may be found via the archives page.



The CSA Propylaea Project.
This was a cooperative project to create a single digital resource of information about the Propylaea. The project has been terminated, and all materials produced may be found at the web site.

The Older Propylon Project. This is a concluded research project of CSA Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II. The results of this project have been published; archival materials, including CAD models, may be accessed through the Archaeological Research Institute at Arizona State University.

Lantern Slides of Classical Antiquity
This project was a joint CSA/Bryn Mawr College project. Lantern slides from the College collection were digitized and made available on the Web, and high-resolution images were archived for future use. This project is now maintained by Bryn Mawr College.

Pompeii Forum Project CSA participates in this on-going project, Directed by Prof. John J. Dobbins (University of Virginia), to study the Forum of ancient Pompeii. A computer-aided design model is being constructed of the forum.

Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review (BMERR). BMERR was an online journal for reviews of electronic resources concerning the ancient world. Bryn Mawr Classical Review (BMCR) is now publishing reviews of electronic resources, and BMERR has discontinued its separate existence. Reviews published 1998-2000 are now available through the BMCR web site ( and they are available via the BMERR page there.

The CSA Guide to Archaeological Projects was a database of current archaeological projects maintained by CSA. Interest in participation was inadequate to justify continuing this project, and the information slowly grew out of date as well. As a result, the Web pages have been removed.

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Archaeological Computing
Download page for Archaeological Computing, Second Edition

by Harrison Eiteljorg, II, with GIS chapter by W. Fredrick Limp


There are two versions of the book, one for standard printing on one side of the paper only and the other for duplex printing. The text is the same; the only differences are the arrangements of margins and the orientations of pages that will be on the left in the duplex version, making the two versions equally useful on screen. Either version should have margins wide enough to permit using either a loose-leaf binder or a spring binder. Layout was based on North-American-sized 8.5 x 11 in. paper, but the margins should permit printing on A4 paper as well.

Please note that each file is approximately 18 MB in size; so downloading over a dial-up connection is not advised. In fact, it might be good idea to go get a cup of coffee while these files download, even if you have a good, fast connection.


Important note: a reader has reported that the files will crash Preview on MACs and therefore cannot be used with that application. I have had the same experience when following up. I have reported this to Apple to try to find the problem and fix it, but, in the meantime, please be aware that neither the one-sided nor the duplex version of the book will open under Preview on MACs running OS X 10.5. (The problem seems to be related to the encryption process that prevents users from editing the files. This problem remains unresolved as of 19 March 2009.)


We hope you find this useful, and we look forward to knowing your reactions to the book.



  • To download the one-sided printing version, click here.

  • To download the duplex printing version, click here.



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